Carpet comes in all sizes, shapes, patterns, colors and textures. Carpet lessens the probability of falling, cushions the impact of slips and falls and dampens the noise. Carpets are engineered to resist staining and fading.

Carpet comes in broadloom or 12’ widths on a roll or in tile format, typically 2’ by 2’ or 3’ by 3’.
Carpet tiles may be rotated or changed out to remove a stain or to increase the lifespan of the carpeted floor.

Aesthetics, performance and value make carpet a good choice for Schools, Offices, Healthcare, Entries, Lobby Areas, and Hotels. Year after year Blakley’s is the contractor of choice for small projects to showcase properties and standard to challenging installations. Blakley’s meets challenges daily:  moisture conditions, temperature, job site conditions, scheduling, manufacturing and delivery.


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