At Blakley’s, we know that when selecting flooring, there is something more important than the choice of materials, colors and patterns. It is knowledge and service. The more you understand your options and needs, the better you will be able to choose.

For over fifty years Blakley’s has been working with the construction industry, advising clients about all types of flooring materials and providing them with the finest in construction, installation, and maintenance tips. We have earned a reputation for understanding and meeting the needs of owners, developers, contractors, architects, and designers.

Blakley’s offers a wide variety of surfaces:  Carpet, Ceramic, Natural Stone, Resilient, Wood, Vinyl,Terrazzo, and Coatings. Constant communication with our suppliers gives us the ability to provide the latest styles and technologies. We combine their quality products with the skills of our installers to produce outstanding results. Our knowledge and commitment to service are your assurance that you will choose the flooring that best fits your needs, expectations, and budget.

Contract Services
Blakley’s is a large volume buyer of building materials. That buying power is especially important to customers, who rely on our Contract Specialists to select products, determine estimates, and stay within budget on major building projects. Our Project Managers and Field Managers follow through by overseeing the job, applying their knowledge of product use and utilizing their on-site expertise to put it all together.

New Construction Interiors
When it comes to new construction interiors, Blakley’s is known for close attention to details. Our strict quality control throughout the building process ensures craftsmanship of the highest order as we install flooring materials that meet the contractor’s specifications. The result is customer satisfaction on projects ranging from skyscrapers and shopping malls, to private homes and apartments, from hospitals and hotels, to factories and restaurants.

Renovation Projects
Our problem solving capability is especially evident when dealing with the challenge of existing conditions. Blakley’s has the experience to tackle tough jobs, using the newest technologies, materials, and good old-fashioned “know-how” to find the right answers. When deadlines are critical and budgets are tight, Blakley’s can reliably and cost efficiently handle renovation projects. Our crews are always well-supervised and dispatched quickly with the materials and equipment required for the job, an important factor to contractors who count on us for our selection and service capabilities.

Occupied Carpet Replacement
Blakley’s innovative Occupied Carpet Replacement System employs special tools and lifting devices to gently lift office systems furniture, dividers and electronics just enough to remove the old carpet and install new modular carpet. Nothing is misplaced, nobody inconvenienced, no down-time for your business. With thorough advanced planning, installation takes place during off-hours so your business won’t be interrupted, saving you time, money and trouble. 

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